Organic Outreach Conference 2017
Monterey, CA
Shoreline Community Church
November 9-11
Kevin HarneyKevin Harney
John BurkeJohn Burke
Ed StetzerEd Stetzer
Adam BarrAdam Barr
Nabeel QureshiNabeel Qureshi
Sherry HarneySherry Harney
Steve MurraySteve Murray
Efrem SmithEfrem Smith

Adam Barr


Anyone Can Share Jesus Naturally

When we meet Jesus and enter a life-changing friendship with the Savior, we want others to know Him too. One of our deepest desires is for the people we love to experience the greatness of God’s amazing grace. God wants to use you and me in His work of scattering the seeds of the gospel in our friendships, neighborhood, and all over the world. We are not responsible for changing hearts–we don’t have the power to do this. What we can do is join Jesus in the mission of scattering his love, grace, and message. Join us at the Organic Outreach Conference and learn natural ways to take part in the most important thing we could ever do, scatter the seeds of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“I thank God for the Organic Outreach Conference! It’s an honest-to-goodness Conference to inspire and equip all God’s people to share Jesus as a way of life. There is nothing like it I know of in the US. I love it!”

Lon Allison

Past Director, Billy Graham Center for Evangelism

“Organic Outreach will help every member of a family – parents and kids alike – participate in the awesome work of advancing Christ’s Kingdom on earth.”

Jim Daly

President, Focus on the Family

“The OOC is an inspiring, practical, cost-effective and fun way for church leaders to learn how to boost their church’s evangelistic temperature. Great content, great hosts, great location — the OOC has it all!”

Lee Strobel

Best-selling author, The Case for Christ and The Case for Faith









It will be here sooner than you think!

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